Aug 26, 2006

Techie Stuff

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've done a little bit of work on my blog. . ."What work?" I'm glad you asked! I:

  • Updated my profile

  • Decided to change my name (in the blogosphere) from Hannah Elizabeth to Hannah-Liz (Thanks Kaitlin for suggesting it!) I've been mostly going by Hannah-Liz for awhile now, but hadn't ever switched to it "officially" on my blog.

  • Cleaned up the sidebar by removing some clutter and worked on the link to FeedBurner.

  • Removed [NEW!] from the links that needed it removed.

  • Added some new links! (Be sure to check them out!)

  • Added music to my blog. (I'll talk about that in a minute.)

  • . . .Am I forgetting anything??? Oh, I also added a new stat counter. . .this one tells how many people are viewing my blog at the moment. Like right now if you are the only person viewing my blog, it says, "1 person online". Cool eh?

  • . . .And I think that's about it. . .

Now about the music. . .You are listening to (unless your volume doesn't work or you have it turned off. . .or you stopped the music. . .or you. . .I guess you get the idea! ;-) a song by Barlow Girl called "I Need You to Love Me". Hopefully I'll get to change songs every week so you won't get bored or annoyed by listening to the same song for months!

Important Note:

The other day I lost all the emails in my inbox. . .so if you sent me any emails Wednesday or Thursday please re-send them to make sure I recieve them!

Well, I think that covers everything!

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