Jul 30, 2008

Business: Yeah, you could say I was there

What a busy week!

Monday: A Beka was in town so we went over to order some books for my brother's freshman year in high school. (He's in high school?! Boy am I getting old...lol.) And even though I'm finished with homeschool we ordered a grammar handbook to help me in college.

After that we went to the college I will be attending and bought my books. They sure are expensive! But thankfully I was able to buy all of them used except for one that had to be bought new. When we arrived, there was a huge pile of boxes outside of the bookstore and inside they were still stocking the shelves. So I got there at just the right time and was able to get the used books that were still in great shape. I didn't exactly like the idea of getting a book that was going to just fall apart on me later.

Then we went to Target and bought some other supplies I needed for school.

Tuesday: I have been having trouble reading road signs and other things that are farther away so Tuesday we went to the eye doctor. We went to the one at our local Wal-Mart. We received great service. We arrived early and they took us back almost immediately. (Plus it was at a reasonable price.) Well the doctor said I have a little astigmatism and nearsightedness. So I have to get glasses. Thankfully I don't have to wear them all the time though.

After the appointment we looked around at Wal-Mart's eyeglass frames then went to a few other places in town to see what kind they had. So many choices...head spinning...lol!

Wednesday: We had an appointment with our new dentist. And it was truly an enjoyable visit. And no, I'm not crazy. They really went out of their way to make it enjoyable. They were so friendly. Plus they had a small refrigerator out in the waiting room with soft drinks, Capri Sun, etc. that you could have. Also while you were laid back in the chair there was a TV hanging above you so you could watch it while they were working on your teeth. When I was waiting for the dentist, the dental hygienist gave me headphones and the remote so I could turn to whatever channel I wanted to. Very cool if you ask me...lol!

Thursday: Nothing!!! Yay! Well at least nothing scheduled.

Jul 27, 2008



(He holds his food with his foot! It's very neat.)

He/she is a green cheeked conure. Unless you do DNA testing, you can't tell for sure whether it is a boy or girl. But I'm guessing it is a boy so I'll call Darcy a him.

I got him a few months ago. He was hand raised but hadn't been worked with that much so he was not quite as tame as I would have liked. He was cage aggressive and would bite a lot but I have work with him and now he is a lot better.

He loves to sit on your shoulder and cuddle up to you. He will sit and chatter and nibble on your ear. Sometimes he nibbles a bit too hard though.

He hates it when I wrap a towel around my head after I wash my hair. If I try and pick him up he fluffs up and bites at me...oh well...maybe I'll be able to break him of that sometime.

Oh and the name Darcy came from Jane Austen's character Fitzwilliam Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.

Jul 25, 2008

Review: The Dark Knight

We went to see The Dark Knight today. If you are worried about it having fewer action scenes than Batman Begins, it will not disappoint. It has a lot of action. Some people would argue that it has too much.

It was violent. Also it had some bad language. (Can't they ever make a movie without bad language!?) I would definitely recommend not taking younger children to see it. In some of the scenes I turned my head because they were so intense. The special effects were very well done.

One thing I found disappointing was that they didn't get the same person to play the part of Rachel Dawes. It always ruins it a bit for me when that happens. The actors all did an excellent job though. They made their parts believable.

The movie has some interesting twists to it. They didn't follow the typical "that was so predictable" route.

So overall it was a very well done movie.