Sep 14, 2006

Been A While. . .

Good grief, Charlie Brown! It's been a while since I've blogged. . .I have some really good excuses. . .though. . .if you care. . .to hear them. . .

Excuse #1: You remember how our cockatiels had babies before we went to the US this summer? Well, while we were gone they laid more eggs (5 to be exact although only 3 of them hatched) and when we got back two of them were hatched and another one hatched that night after we arrived. And with these babies I really wanted to try handfeeding 1 or 2 of them since I'd be here to do it. (They are extremely tame when handfed!) So I ended up taking in one of them (the oldest) and then about a week later I decided to bring the other 2 in. . .so now I'm handfeeding all 3 of them!

As you can imagine it is quite a responsibility! Right now the oldest 2 have to be fed 3 times a day and the youngest is still being fed 4 times a day.

Here are their names:
  • 1st: Prince Charming (from Shrek 2) nick-named Charming
  • 2nd: Mr. Darcy (from the book Pride and Prejudice) nick-named Darcy
  • 3rd: Missy (She is albino. She has such beautiful white feathers!)
I'll have to post some pics later.

Excuse #2: My dad has been working on the computers and I've not been able to access Blogger. Also I've not been able to access GMail so I apologize if I've not responded to your email quickly or it's possible I didn't receive your email at all. So please resend any email you've may have sent me just incase.

Excuse #3: I started school. Physic, algebra 2. . .need I say more?! LOL!

Well, that concludes my excuses. . .hope you'll forgive me. . .*down on knees pleading*

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