Nov 18, 2006

Poetry: Letting You Take Command

My poem was featured on Real Teen Faith two different times (The last time was a mistake though. She forgot that she had already posted it.). And I've decided to finally post it over here. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Letting You Take Command

Sometimes, Lord, in You it seems
Hard to put my trust,
But to my heart You whisper that
I must.
You tell me that my life I have to
Place in Your hands,
To step down from the rank of captain
And let You take command.

For me to move over to the passenger
Seat and let You steer,
But for some reason I can't seem to
Trust, for some reason I fear.
I seem to have forgotten all You've done
For me in the past,
You've helped me before when I put
My trust in You at last.

So why is it so hard for me to have
Faith in You now?
I want to trust You but I need You to
Help me remember how.
In You, God, help me to place my
Trust and hope,
Trusting You'll help me with the problems
That I can't cope.

Help me to trust You as captain
Over me,
Help me to trust You to guide me
Through the stormy seas.
And I pray that next time my trust
Won't begin to fade,
But that I'll trust You that You'll
Come to my aid.

By Hannah-Liz

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