Jul 28, 2007

Mystery Trip: Return to USA

Wow...I'm actually blogging! It's been a long time since I posted last!

Well, I will give you guys a short update on what's happening with us.

We are still waiting on God to see where He is going to place us. My dad feels like it is God's will that he pastors a church but at this point we don't know which church or where it is. So we wait. Which is very hard after being here almost 6 months but we're hanging in there by His grace!

I'd really appreciate it if you would keep us in your prayers that God would give us patience to wait upon Him, and that He would show us where He wants us to go...that He would open up the right door and close all others.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us! We really need your prayers. It has been a period of growing and learning. Learning some of the lessons that we as humans seem to have a hard time learning, patience, trust, obedience, and submission to God.

But God has been faithful and has provided completely (and exceedingly above) for our needs. He has been good.

Thanks again for your prayers!

Until next time,


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