Oct 26, 2006

Prayer: Why's it necessary?

Little children do not need any particular reason to talk. They just talk (and talk and talk) even to the point of driving you crazy. They question this and question that. At first a child’s favorite word seems to be no. Then the favor tends to shift to the word why. So parents of a young child never seem to have trouble conversing with their child. It just comes naturally and easily.

Then comes adolescence. And for some (notice I said some. . .not all) kids the chitter chatter and questions end here. Then it is all parents can do to squeeze just a little bit of conversation out of their once so talkative kid. He/she no longer shares things with them—fears, dreams, activities they’re involved in, etc. And the relationship begins to fail. Why? Communication—a vital part of a good, strong relationship—has been cut off.

When we don’t communicate with God (who is our Heavenly Father) our relationship will grow weak. Yes, our walk with God is a relationship. Not a religion. And in order for that relationship to be strengthened, we have to communicate with Him. He is willing to talk with us. He is willing to share what’s on His heart with us. . .but we have to be willing to listen to what He says and then in turn talk and share with Him too.

Prayer is a great privilege that we’ve been given. It is a gift. And God doesn’t want us to just set it on the shelf to look pretty. He wants us to use this gift He’s given us! He wants us to talk with Him and pour out our hearts! All those frustrations that we lock inside He wants us to unlock for Him. And those times when we are so happy we can barely stand it, He wants us to open up and allow Him to share in our happiness!

God is there through good times and bad. He’s committed to us. . .but are we committed to Him. Do we show that we are serious about our relationship with Him by spending time with Him? Or do we ignore Him and talk to anyone and everyone but Him?

The times we spend with God should be one of the things we most look forward to because it truly is a privilege. I think if we would just view prayer this way it would take on a whole new light. A whole new meaning. Instead of something that just “has to be gotten through” it would become a treasured part of our lives.

What an awesome thing it is to be able to have a relationship with the King of kings and the Lord of lords! To be able to know Him and talk with Him! Prayer is a wonderful gift that God has given to each of us. How are you using yours? Is it getting dusty on the shelf? Or is it getting worn with use? Something to think about. . .

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