Oct 10, 2006

Random Thoughts

Posting Trouble Update:

Well, the posting problem seems to be cleared up now! I can post, hyperlink, and upload pics once again.(YAY!) Thanks for your patience! I know my patience was wearing thin…*smile*

Happy Birthday!!!!:

Who’s the birthday boy/girl you might ask? Well it’s not actually a person’s birthday I’m referring to….It’s was All For Him’s 1st birthday on Sunday! (I started the blog last year on October 8).


This morning my parents left for a retreat that is being held in Switzerland for missionaries. My brother and I stayed here (Belgium) and someone from our church is staying with us. Please be praying for a safe trip for my parents.


I'm taking physic (Dr. Jay Wile's course) this year. So far I’ve gotten through 2 of the 16 modules/lessons and right now I’m studying to take the test for the 3rd. So after I take this test I’ll have 3 out of 16 modules/lessons done! I know, I’ve still got a long (long) way to go….Just trying to raise my hopes a little *wink*.

Update on the Cockatiels:

They are all flying now! Charming (the oldest) is the best flyer. Lizzy (the next oldest) flies too fast but has really improved on her landing. And the littlest baby (don’t know if it’s a girl or boy so I’m stuck on what to name it) is not good at this flying thing yet but hopefully it’ll get the hang of it soon. And the really good thing now is that they only have to be fed once a day (just before their bedtime) because they are eating seed now.


I’ve been playing around with Adobe Photoshop (as you can see by the pic above and the one in the post below). It’s really neat!

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