Feb 3, 2008


I guess getting high speed internet didn't help me blog more...oh well!

Just a quick update on what's going on with us. The walls in the house are de-wallpapered and are now painted. We are all sleeping in our own beds instead of on mattresses on the floor. We actually have pictures hanging on the walls now. We are making friends. We are getting used to the church and loving it. That's just a little bit of what has been going on in our lives.

There has been a whirlwind of stuff happening in the last few months....in fact the last year! (February 8th will make it officially 1 year of living in the US.) But God has been gracious and patient. He has put up with our "little faith" and complaining. And has come through for us once again. So if you are in the midst of uncertainty about your future or even your present, trust God with it. If you will just let him take control of the situation you are facing now, He will come through for you...just as He did for us!

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Kaitlin said...

Hey Hannah! I LOVE the new template! Great to see you updated and settling in to life in the US! :)