Feb 20, 2008

Wherever He Leads. Will you go?

I've played the piano for years...and year...I was 5 years old when I began learning and have fallen in love with it. I have fun with piano and get a lot of personal enjoyment from it. Also if I am stressed or upset, I can just sit down and start playing and I start to relax.

But God had more in mind for the piano and me than that. I have to admit I have not always like the thought of what He now has me doing. Even still the only reason I'm doing it is because of Him. What am I talking about? Playing the piano in the worship team at our church. Sure I've played in church before, for offering and prayer...but never in the worship team. I dislike being on stage in front of everybody. I like blending in with the crowd.

When I was asked to do this I agreed to pray about it. And I began to seriously consider it. I told God that I would not get up on stage and play the piano unless He went with me. I wanted to make sure this was His will. And I came to realize that it was.

When I played for the first time, I was surprised to find that I wasn't as nervous as I figured I would be. He went with me.

And I know that He will continue to go with me...as long as I go with Him.

Is God asking you to do something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone? Trust Him, obey Him and go because you will not go alone. He will be there every step of the way. I'm finding that out...!

(I would appreciate it if you would pray for me as I begin this new adventure with my Lord. It is not easy for me and I need His help and I need your prayers! Thank you!)


Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.
The time has come, the harvest
is ripe. I am here to bring judgment
to the living and the dead.

The Faithfull Witness,

Bethan Louise said...

I came accross your blog, hope you don't mind? Yes... God is asking me trust Him and do something.. but I was afraid and stubborn... Thank you for posting this. Blessings from a fellow blogger, Beth x

Rebekah said...

I love the piano as well. I have been playing for about seven years