Jul 25, 2008

Review: The Dark Knight

We went to see The Dark Knight today. If you are worried about it having fewer action scenes than Batman Begins, it will not disappoint. It has a lot of action. Some people would argue that it has too much.

It was violent. Also it had some bad language. (Can't they ever make a movie without bad language!?) I would definitely recommend not taking younger children to see it. In some of the scenes I turned my head because they were so intense. The special effects were very well done.

One thing I found disappointing was that they didn't get the same person to play the part of Rachel Dawes. It always ruins it a bit for me when that happens. The actors all did an excellent job though. They made their parts believable.

The movie has some interesting twists to it. They didn't follow the typical "that was so predictable" route.

So overall it was a very well done movie.