Jul 27, 2008



(He holds his food with his foot! It's very neat.)

He/she is a green cheeked conure. Unless you do DNA testing, you can't tell for sure whether it is a boy or girl. But I'm guessing it is a boy so I'll call Darcy a him.

I got him a few months ago. He was hand raised but hadn't been worked with that much so he was not quite as tame as I would have liked. He was cage aggressive and would bite a lot but I have work with him and now he is a lot better.

He loves to sit on your shoulder and cuddle up to you. He will sit and chatter and nibble on your ear. Sometimes he nibbles a bit too hard though.

He hates it when I wrap a towel around my head after I wash my hair. If I try and pick him up he fluffs up and bites at me...oh well...maybe I'll be able to break him of that sometime.

Oh and the name Darcy came from Jane Austen's character Fitzwilliam Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.

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