Dec 22, 2005


What’s it truly about?

It is Christmas time! Presents, lights, food, friends, family, fun. Oh, and we can’t forget Santa Clause! That’s what Christmas is all about right?

No it isn’t.

Christmas is all about Jesus.

His day

Once a year we each have a birthday. It is “our day”. We receive presents, cards, cake, and all the attention. How would we feel if someone were to cancel “our day”? How would we feel if they celebrated our birthday, but celebrated it without us, just kinda ignored us? Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. It is “His day”. But, He is very often taken out of the reason for celebrating Christmas. We celebrate His birthday without Him, we ignore Him. Jesus, the One who came to this earth to give up His life so that we might be free. We ignore the One who loves us so much more than anyone else has or ever will.

Our priorities, are they right?

We get so caught up in shopping for presents, decorating the Christmas tree, planning dinners, and visiting relatives and friends that we forget about the true meaning of Christmas. We forget about Jesus. It is not wrong to shop, decorate the Christmas tree, plan dinners, or visit with people. Those things are fine. But it is when we put all our attention and focus on those things that they become wrong because God should be our number one priority. But it seems that when Christmas time rolls around we get so busy that we tend to put God into 2nd, 3rd, or 4th priority. He should be at the center of our lives, not only at Christmas, but all the time.

The reason for the season

Those who are not Christians can’t understand the true meaning of Christmas, but those of us who are Christians, do. We need to work harder to keep Jesus “the reason for the season”, because Christmas truly is all about Him. And we need to show the world that.

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