Mar 30, 2006


Here are a few blogs/websites that you may be interested in visiting......

Pete now has another blog! Yep, it's called The Epitome of Orangeness. And last week he had a vote on the color of his mustard tie! (Yes, I voted for mustard.) Now there is a trial going on to figure out who committed voter fraud! Was it Pete or Zach? It has been quite interesting, at least I found it to be so.....

This is pretty neat......I found a blog that is run by three sisters, Lydia, Grace, and Hannah. And guess what! Their parents are missionaries too! They are living in Northern Ireland.

Coie has done her first audio post!

The Rebelution Tour is headed to Orlando, Florida! And you can now register for the conference. If you live around that area be sure to check it out!

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