May 8, 2006

New Template

Here is the voting results...

  • Kaitlin (Mission Amare): Template #1

  • Elizabeth (Study Quiet): Template #3

  • Nathan (Building It For Him): Template #3

  • Jacqui (Unconformed): Template #1

  • Kristin (Spunky Jr.): Template #4

  • My dad: Template #1

  • My mom: Template #3

    There was a tie between template #1 and #3. So obviously those were the favorites. As you can tell, I went with template #3. The reason I went with that one is because I think it catches your eye a little more than #1. And also #1, because of the blue color, seemed cold to me. But they were both very nice templates.....I just seem to prefer #3 more.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to vote! If you notice any problems with the template or the links and buttons on the sidebar please let me know. And by the way, does anyone with a template like this know how to make the words a little bit bigger?
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