Jun 6, 2008

2008: Firsts

As I was thinking about 2008, I began to realize how many "firsts" I would be accomplishing this year: graduating high school, turning 18 and be able to buy all those TV offers...(LOL I'm kidding about the last part), beginning college, getting to vote in the up coming elections, etc.

But wait a minute! It seems just a short while ago my "firsts" were riding a bike without training wheels, loosing my first baby teeth or five and starting kindergarten.

I know that in the years ahead there will be many more "firsts" and I'll be wondering what happened to the "firsts" I am facing this year. Today is here and gone before you know it.

There is no way to stop time. That's why it is so important to live in today...not yesterday or tomorrow. I am guilty of that. Wishing I could go back or go forward in time. But that's not how we should live. We should live in today. We can't go back to yesterday so no point in wasting time wishing we could. Also there is no way to go forward to tomorrow, we aren't even promised that we will have a tomorrow.

What can we accomplish today?

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