Oct 21, 2005


Well it was raining in Belgium and the sky was overcast, then the sky started clearing and it stopped raining, and now the sky is covered again. What next?? We live next to the English Channel so the weather changes very quickly. (You don’t want to leave the house without your umbrella even if it looks nice outside because it could change) You’ve heard of the English fog right? Well, Belgium also has that fog, but I guess you would call it Belgian fog.

We normally escape the hot summers here, but this last summer it did get hot. Since it usually stays cooler in Belgium, most of the houses and cars are not air-conditioned. So it was nice when the temperature cooled down.

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are almost here! I mean think about it. October is almost over and then it will be November and time for Thanksgiving, and then it will be December and time for Christmas! And then it will be January and time for New Years!

Prayer Request:

You have most likely heard about Hurricane Wilma. (It is supposed to hit Florida Monday) Please pray that God would protect those that are in the path of this hurricane.

Allfornow, (all for now)


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