Nov 11, 2005

Guten Tag, Buon giorno, Hallo!!

(Guten Tag is German for hello, Buon giorno is Italian for hello, and Hallo is Dutch for hello.)

Hope your week went well!

I just got back a little while ago from the movies. I saw Chicken Little. It was a good movie. Okay, you may be thinking, “Isn’t that for little kids?” But really, it was a good movie. They have a lot of funny things in it. And what was great, was the fact that it was a clean movie. You did not have to worry about foul language or bad scenes.

I’m looking forward to the new movie Narnia that is going to release in December!

Thanksgiving! Can you believe it, it’s just 2 weeks away!! (But I really feel sorry for all the turkeys though.)

Prayer Request:

Continue to pray for those who were hit by the hurricanes this year. Even though we don’t hear as much about it on the news now, a lot of people are still suffering from those hurricanes and need us to pray for them.

Well, I guess this is it until next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!!



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