Nov 4, 2005


Hope you had a good week! (I'm telling you, to me the weeks are just flying by!)

I told you last week that they were tearing up the sidewalk across the street. Well, this morning we were told to move our cars. I thought it was because they were going to work on the sidewalk on this side of the street. But it turned out that they were the phone company and they had to tear up part of the sidewalk in order to do some work. (Why am I telling you this? Sidewalks are sidewalks.)

Anyway, these are some pictures from the trip to Austria that we took some time ago.

This is the Riding School in Austria.

This is a castle in Austria. (I can't remember the name)

While we were there, we took the Sound of Music Tour (The hills are alive with the sound of music...Oh, sorry! Where were we?) Anyway, we got to see some of the places where they filmed the Sound of Music. This is the outside of the church where Maria and Captain Von Trapp got married in the movie.

And this is the inside of the church.

Prayer Request:

Pray that God would give help and wisdom to President Bush and the others in our government. If you’re not from the US, pray for the government in your country.

You all have a great weekend!



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