Nov 15, 2005


I thought this time I’d tell you a little bit about Belgium. (No, I’m not going to tell you the population number or how many square kilometers are in Belgium.)

What can I tell you about Belgium...?

Brussels is the capitol of Belgium. We live about 10-15 minutes away from it. Brussels is okay, but not my favorite place to go. Personally I like the city Brugge. We live about an hour away from it. I think it is the prettiest city in Belgium. People call Brugge "Little Venice" because it has a lot of canals running through it. (You can take boat rides on the canals.) If you ever come to Belgium that is one place you definitely want to visit!

Belgium is famous for its chocolates and lace. In Brussels there is a place called the Grand Place and around that area there are a lot of lace shops. There are also a lot of lace shops in Brugge.

The weather is normally cooler. And it rains a lot. So you don't want to leave the house without an umbrella. Sometimes the sky looks clear and you think, "It's not going to rain today." But then later it will start to rain. Then other times the sky looks cloudy and you think, "It's going to rain." But then later the sky clears up and it is a beautiful day!

Most of the people here have cars or vans. It's rarer to see big pick-up trucks and SUVs. It is because the road taxes are based on how big of an engine your vehicle has. So the bigger the engine you have, the more you pay on road taxes. And also the lanes on the road and the parking places are normally narrower than the ones in the US.

Some of the houses here have orange tile roofs. My mom said that's what she really noticed when we flew into Brussels for the first time. (Our house doesn't have an orange roof though.)

And here they eat frites (fries) with mayonnaise (It’s not the same mayonnaise that we put on a sandwich. It’s a different kind.) or frite sauce instead of always eating their frites with ketchup.

Here are some photos from Belgium.

Belgian Flag.

The Grand Place in Brussels

The Grand Place in Brussels.

A canal in Brugge.


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