Feb 17, 2006

The Olympics!

Okay, I’m normally not a sports fan. But because it is the Olympics, I’ve made an exception.

So many great athletes from all over the world come together and compete against one another.

The best of the best is determined.

But with these athletes, what impresses me is not always their ability but their humility. When a great athlete says, “I’m the best!” “I’ve got to win!” I am no longer so impressed with their ability and to me they are not so great anymore. But when a great athlete shows humility, I become more impressed with their ability.

It is the same with other things. Someone may excel in a certain area, but if they show no humility, it overshadows their ability.

We need to examine our own life and see if there are areas in which we struggle with pride. Humility is not always easy. Sometimes it is really hard to do! It is something that has to be worked at. Of course we will trip and make mistakes (we are not perfect!), but we shouldn’t let that stop us from getting up and trying again.

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