Feb 7, 2006


Below I’ve listed the classes I’m taking for school.

Math: Geometry (Math U See)

Science: Exploring Creation With Chemistry: 2nd Edition (Dr. Jay Wile)

Grammar: Grammar and Composition III (A Beka)

Social Studies: American Government in Christian Perspective (A Beka)

Spelling: Spelling Power (Beverly L. Adams-Gordon)

Literature: Reading various books (right now I’m reading Agnes Gray, Jane Eyre, SHE, and Mere Christianity)

Extra (but I get credit for them)

Music: Piano lessons once a week + practice through the week

Teaching: I teach a Sunday school class every other week.

Computer: Keepin up this blog!

BTW is anyone else registered with NARS (North Atlantic Regional School)?

Picture from (c) FreeFoto.com

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