Feb 2, 2006

How Could It Have Just Happened?

What if I were to tell you that the car in this picture just happened, that all of a sudden there was a bang and then this car appeared? You would think I was crazy. I would think I was crazy! This car was designed and created by someone.

Well, what about this flower? Do you think it was also designed and created by someone? Or do you think it just happened?

Listen to this…

CREATION AND EVOLUTION. Evolution is the predominant view regarding the origin of life and the universe proposed in the scientific and educational community of the contemporary world. Bible-believing Christians should consider these four observations about evlolution.

(1) Evolution is a naturalistic effort to account for the origin and development of the universe. This view begins with the assumption that there is no personal, divine Creator who made and fashioned the world; rather, everything came into existence by a series of chance happenings that occurred over billions of years. Proponents of evolution claim to have scientific data that support their hypothesis.

(2) The teaching of evolution is not truly scientific. According to the scientific method, all conclusions must be based on indisputable evidence gathered from experiments that can be duplicated in any laboratory. However, no experiments have been or can be devised to test and substantiate theories about the origin of matter from some supposed “big bang” beginning or about the gradual development of living beings from their simplest to their most complex form. Consequently, evolution is a hypothesis without scientific “evidence”; therefore, to accept it one must have faith in a human theory. The faith of God’s people, in contrast, is in the Lord and in His inspired revelation, which states that He is the one who made all things out of nothing (Heb. 11:3)

Full Life Study Bible article written by Donald C. Stamps, pg. 7

I plan to continue it tomorrow...

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