Jan 31, 2006

A Simple Thanks

Rebecca St. James has a song called "Thank You" on her new album. I love it because its message is so simple but also very important.

Thanking God.

How many times does God do something for us and we forget to tell Him a simple thank you? When you think about your home, family, food, clothes, friends, and church, do you forget who gave you those things? Do you forget about the One who gave you life, the One who breathed life into you?

Thanking God should be something we do everyday. Because everyday He blesses us. You may be thinking, “Yeah right! Today was the most awful day I’ve ever had! I was late for an appointment, the dog chewed up my favorite pair of shoes, I got a D on my math test, and I lost my purse/wallet!” But He has blessed you because He has given you another day to live! How do I know this? Well, you are reading this post aren’t you?!

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