Jan 7, 2006

Short Note

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years! I was kinda busy. (Who isn’t around the holidays?)

This year we waited until the week before Christmas to put up our tree. That is amazing because one year my mom put the tree up it was either right before Thanksgiving or right after. When did you put your tree up? (Come on, be honest!)

My Christmas isn’t entirely over yet. Later today the Homeschool group we are apart of is having a Christmas get-together. So, there is still more food and presents to go. (That’s a nice combination isn’t it? Food and presents!)

I took a chemistry test on Monday. Chemistry is definitely not an easy subject. (If you have taken or are taking chemistry you know what I mean!) All those atoms, molecules, chemical formulas, chemical equations, protons, electrons, and neutrons! Quick quiz: What is stoichiometry?

Please Pray

I posted this earlier this week but I’m going to post it here as well.

Please pray for the families of the miners that died. Pray that God would comfort them. Also pray for Randal McCloy, the only miner who survived. Pray that he would be healed and also that God would comfort his family as well.

I plan on posting more next week.



Pictures taken from FreeFoto.com

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