Apr 11, 2006

Made In His Image 2

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My mom and I are reading Shirley by Charlotte Bronte right now. And we read a part the other day that is truly beautiful. It is another reminder that God looks at the heart not the outward appearance.

"May God long preserve to you the blessings of peace and innocence! By which phrase, I mean comparative innocence; for in His sight, I am well aware, none are pure. What, to our human perceptions, looks spotless as we fancy angels, is to Him but frailty, needing the blood of His Son to cleanse, and the strength of His Spirit to sustain. Let us each and all cherish humility—I, as you, my young friends; and we may well do it when we look into our own hearts, and see there temptations, inconsistencies, propensities, even we blush to recognize. And it is not youth, nor good looks, nor grace, nor any gentle outside charm which makes either beauty or goodness in God’s eyes. Young ladies, when your mirror or men’s tongues flatter you, remember that, in the sight of her Maker, Mary Anne Ainley—a woman whom neither glass nor lips have ever panegyrized [which means praised]—is fairer and better than either of you. She is indeed,” he added, after a pause—“she is indeed. You young things—wrapt up in your selves and in earthly hopes—scarcely live as Christ lived: perhaps you cannot do it yet, while existence is so sweet and earth so smiling to you; it would be too much to expect: she, with meek heart and due reverence, treads close to her Redeemer’s steps.”

Shirley by Charlotte Bronte chapter 4 Mr. Donne's Exodus

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