Apr 5, 2006

Our Pranks.......

Once upon a time....um....never mind. That is so.....over used.

Anyway, my brother and I pulled some pranks on April Fools. It was a lot of fun!

Our Pranks:

(1.) We took hard boiled eggs and switched them with the raw eggs in the refrigerator. This turned out really well!!

(2.) My brother taped my dad's computer mouse to the side of a cabinet. (The computer mouse it cordless.) Instead of tricking anyone this one just looked kind of odd.

(3.) I took tape and rolled it and taped my dad's shoes to the floor. He didn't find this out until April the 2. So it was a day late, but oh well.

(4.) We switched the pictures around on the walls.

(5.) We switched the sweetened tea with a mixture of water, food coloring, and unsweetened tea. (We had to do that to give it the tea color)

(6.) We took two doors off the hinges and hid them. My dad noticed it I believe right away. But it took my mom awhile to figure it out!

(7.) etc.

Now you might be asking, "Yeah that's great but didn't you get in trouble?" Well, my parents were fine with these jokes as long as we put things back where they went. Like, for instance, the pictures. And as long as we didn't hurt anything. Like, for example, dropping the doors and breaking something.

The door joke was kinda a joke on us though. The one door was not too heavy so it was pretty easy to get back on the hinges. But then the other door which is a wooden (oak) door took a few tries. But everything went fine and we had some good laughs.

My dad did get us back. Lets just say that he hid a few of our things. Like Nathan's PlayStation 2 and my GameCube etc.....!

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