Apr 18, 2006

Run-Away Budgie!

Does anyone know what an aviary is? Well, incase you don’t I’ll give you the definition of it courtesy of the Encarta Dictionary: [An aviary] is an enclosure or large cage where birds are kept. We have one outside and we keep cockatiels and budgies in it (we used to also have a pair of Love Bird but had to get rid of them because the female was biting the other bird’s feet). Well, yesterday…..one of the budgies flew the coop. We have been trying to lure her back to the cage but so far it hasn’t worked. So if anyone sees a blue budgie flying free, it might be ours!! (Actually it is my brother's.)

I gave our dog a bath today. He sure doesn’t like that! He especially doesn’t like it when I have to rinse the soap of his head! I took some pictures of him awhile ago and so hopefully someday I’ll be able to sit down and write a post all about Buster (that’s our dog’s name).

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