Jun 10, 2006

"Jesus Loves Me"

Have you ever just stopped and realized, “Wow, God loves me!”? We sing about it in church and hear it preached. As kids, a lot of us sang the song "Jesus Loves Me." (I sang it all the time. My parents would grab the video camera and a lot of the times would ask me to sing "Jesus Loves Me." Now that is a great song. I have nothing against it. And I believe (actually I know) Jesus loves me. But it’s kinda like why couldn’t I have been asked to sing some other songs too? Maybe the B-I-B-L-E, Father Abraham, etc.. . .LOL! Anyway, back to the post….) But I think too often we forget the true meaning of it.

Jesus loves me is something we say and know in our minds, but do we grasp the meaning with our hearts? Is it ingrained into our souls? Or is it just a thought that passes through our minds every once in a while that never truly sinks in?

In God’s Word over and over He shows us his love and mercy. And when you think about how wicked this world is and how wicked our hearts are, you begin (Note that I said begin. We can never fully grasp the meaning of His love. Maybe in Heaven, but certainly not while we’re here on earth.) to see and understand just how much He does love us. Think about it: God is a God who is perfectly holy. There is no sin in Him. We are wicked and deceitful. Stained filthy with sin. But He still loves us. And He proved it by dying for us. So that we could be made holy and pure. So that we could enjoy eternity with Him. Now can you begin to see His love? Can you begin to understand it?

Why did God tell us in His Word about His love for us? Because He wants you and me to know that He loves us! God wants us to realize and understand that!

So, whether you are just getting up out of bed or are in the middle of the day or are getting ready to go to bed. Stop and just think about His love. Let the realization of it just soak in for a minute. ‘Cause you know what? He loves you!

(Note: This post was written for my Christian readers. If you aren’t a Christian, I want you to also realize that Jesus loves you too. And He wants to forgive you and save you, but you have to ask Him. If you would like to find out how to get to know Jesus, please, please click here. Deciding to follow Jesus is the best decision you could ever make! If you have any questions at all about Jesus, please email me. I would be more that happy to answer them!)

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