Jun 10, 2006

Name Change

I decided to change the name of my blog. Yep I did! I changed it from Doing It For Him to All For Him. And I have to say. . .I like it a lot better.

I want to also change the URL next week to: http://all-4-him.blogspot.com. If it's still available then. (NOTE: I might decide to not change the URL. . .but if I do, I'll change it next Tuesday.)


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold on!!! I've already went ahead changed the URL!!! (Sorry 'bout that!) I figured out a way to redirect people to my blog so I decided to go ahead and change it. Click here to find out how I did it in case you're curious! (If you haven't already found it out!)

Technology......gotta love it......lol!

*okay, now back to the rest of the post*

So if you've linked to or bookmarked my blog, please update it. Thanks!

I have also added a new link to my sidebar so you can now email me. (It's under the header "about me")

And I want to thank everyone for your birthday wishes!!!

*NOTE: This post will remain here until next Tuesday, so be sure to check for new post below!

originally posted at: 6:58 PM June 6 2006

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