Jun 19, 2006


So as you can tell from the ticker above, my family and I are getting ready to make a trip back to the US.

Yep, we're goin' home for a few weeks!

We'll be visiting family and going to the General Assembly for the Church of God. And there will be quite a bit of traveling involved! The plane flight from Brussels to Atlanta Georgia is about 8-9 hours long. And then we take another flight up to Kentucky. It makes for a loooooong day! Believe me!

Then when we get there we'll spend the night there and then we have to make a 6 hour trip down to Tennessee the next day. We'll stay there that night and the next then we drive back to Kentucky (yep, another 6 hours.) Needless to say, by that weekend, we'll be very, very tired!

We will also be taking other trips while were there too.

So we would really appreciate your prayers for: a safe trip to the US, safe travels while we're there, and a safe trip back to Belgium!

I hope to have some other posts up before I leave. But while I'm gone, there will probably not be very many (if any) posts. I'll have access to internet but it will be the dial-up version. So I won't be able to spend much time on the internet. Maybe from time to time I'll write something on Microsoft Word and quickly copy and paste it to blogger. . . . .we'll see!

Oh! And I finished Chemistry!!!!! YAY! Got it done!

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